Exploited College Girls – Ava

Ava – Exploited College Girls
Added: August 17, 2012

A national magazine once ranked ASU as the nation’s number one party school, but if you are an ECG regular you’d be more likely to say that ASU is the nation’s number one PUSSY school. I mention it because this week’s girl is 20 year old blonde spinner Ava from ASU. Well there’s one thing Princess Ava won’t say no to and it’s money, so we’ll see how open minded she really is…I start off by fingering her very cute bare pussy and it doesn’t take 5 minutes to make her cum. You can tell from the sloshing wet sounds that she’s turned on and you can tell by her first orgasm that she’s letting herself get into it. But I think we can do better, and it calls for the big guns. For a girl who’s never used a vibrator, this should be interesting.


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